Rental & Leasing

The Equipment and Trucks You Need When You Need It

While your business may not revolve around your trucks and equipment, it does rely on them for on-time delivery of your products at the most efficient cost.

Why rent commercial vehicles, trucks, forklifts and warehouse equipment from us?

The answer starts with a wide rental fleet of high-quality Toyota, BT and Hino products. You can count on the quality, reliability and performance of our equipment, whether you are renting for a day or for months.

With a complete range of rental plans to chose from and greater flexibility in handling operational peaks, rental can make both commercial and financial sense.

In addition to renting you the best fully-serviced equipment on the market, our rental solutions are designed to meet your operational and financial requirements. And to complete the package we provide customer support that is second to none.

Our competitive leasing packages help you:

  • Control costs by providing predictable monthly budgets
  • Free up capital for use in your core business
  • Spec the right vehicle for your efficient operations
  • Free up your time by letting us take care of full servicing, insurance etc.

For the best trucks, the best service, the best advice and the best back-up, rent or lease from us.