LPG Conversions

At Debono Commercials we install any diesel engine with LPG kits on trucks, every day cars and generators.

We supply kits by Solaris which has developed a unique and innovative system that allows us to replace a portion of diesel fuel with cheaper LPG. By supplying a mix of Diesel plus LPG you can now reduce diesel consumption substantially.

SOLARIS DIESEL DUAL FUEL is the only solution in the world that includes:

Automatic adaptation of the gas injection system – no need for multiple calibrations and expensive test drives

Consumption monitoring for both fuels – at any time, we know how much fuel is burned by our vehicle

Controlled increase in power and torque – improved engine performance

Remote diagnostics – ability to change system settings in a vehicle, that is thousands of miles away

Driver’s Assistant – electronic eco-driving school always travelling with the driver

By choosing our solution your vehicles become greener, saving the environment and creating an environmentally friendly image of your company.

Contact us for more info and start saving today.